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Walking Your Way 2
  • Christmas & Hound Sac

    So Christmas is coming and as much as we all say we'll be better prepared and won't spend so much money come January its the same old story. This year I'm going to get everything done before the end of November.

    We all want to find an alternative to candles and CDs so a Hound Sac could be what you've been looking for all your life and never known it.

    Its the handiest thing you can have when you're out walking your dog, believe me. A million non dog owners and dog owners eyes are burning into the back of your head as soon as your dog goes about his business. Its not only got the means to deal with the pile of poo until you get to a bin but its also got hand wipes, poo bags, a water bowl and straps that make leads or collars.

    I've never blogged before............ I'm off to walk Molly, look out patridges shes on route!!



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